MonsterCloud Cyber Security Advisory Council

John Pistole

Pistole served as deputy director of the FBI from October 2004 to May 2010. As deputy director, Pistole was second in command within the FBI and pivotally involved in the formation of terrorism policies.

Pistole was nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as administrator of the Transportation Security Administration on 17 May 2010 and was unanimously confirmed to serve in that position by the United States Senate on 25 June 2010. On 16 November 2010 Pistole defended his agency’s new extensive pat-down procedures and Advanced Imaging Technology (A.I.T) as necessary.

On 21 November 2010, Pistole again justified the new search policies on CNN saying “We know through intelligence that there are determined people, terrorists who are trying to kill not only Americans but innocent people around the world.” On 21 November 2010, Pistole acknowledged new TSA screening procedures are “invasive” and “uncomfortable” but said they were necessary. Many questions raised by American citizens regarding this policy remain unanswered and Pistole has remained silent regarding significant constitutional objections.