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Discover how MonsterCloud protects small and growing business from cyber security threats.

CBS and MonsterCloud cyber security expert discuss important steps to take in protecting your business from ransomware.

MonsterCloud Cyber Security Experts in the News.

MonsterCloud discusses various cyber security topics.

MonsterCloud’s CEO and ethical hacker Zohar Pinhasi demonstrates on Fox News how your keyboard and mouse can be used against you.

NBC interviews cyber security experts at MonsterCloud to expose dangers of using WiFi.

CBS and MonsterCloud IT expert exposes how an apparently innocent USB drive can be used by hackers to “cause you a world of problems.”

6 Ways MonsterCloud Protects Your Business from Cybersecurty Threats.

Your IT services on a secure private cloud creates a single point of control.

Secure Private Cloud

By using MonsterCloud IT services, all of your companies’ data, documents and all the applications you use (from your ERP, CRM to your Quickbooks Package) are stored in a secure, private, encrypted virtual space at a secure data center.

Data Security

Your data is stored in secure, redundant SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 data centers in the U.S. and around the world. All of our data centers have security personnel on-site, and exterior and interior security systems. These centers are designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricanes to keep your business running every minute of every day.

User Access Management

User access management ensures only those people, devices and locations you authorize can access your companies’ cloud. Access is controlled with military-grade security protocols and your data remains private and encrypted at all times.

Real-Time Monitoring

Ongoing, real-time monitoring helps stop problems before they happen. Our IT managed services include monitoring of system performance, security threats, and employee behavior, helping you with policy compliance.

Best in Class Security

24/7 desktop monitoring. Anti-virus protection. Firewall protection. Email encryption, to name a few. All computer activity can be tracked and archived up to one year. Strong security is critical to preventing cyber security attacks.

Backup and Disaster Recover

Our IT services include a full suite of backup options, such as on premises backup, online backup, offsite backup, and cloud backup. Unlike many other backup plans, we also provide a full disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity.

Learn how MonsterCloud cyber security experts can protect your business.

The Internet Makes Your Business Run.

The Internet also opens your business to cybersecurity threats.

Businesses of all sized rely heavily on the Internet to be more efficient and run their business. Businesses use the Internet for just about everything, such as email, cloud applications, critical business applications, and commerce. And cyber criminals are constantly looking to exploit this. Hackers exploit employees through clever emails scams, holes in firewalls, weaknesses in mobile devices and networks. The variety of attacks are seemingly endless.