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Former deputy director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and former administrator TSA

John Pistole outlines the MonsterCloud ransomware recovery process.

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Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, MS
Trumann, AR - Police Department
Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, TX
Kaufman, TX - Police Department
Success Story from a Technical School
Fisher County Hospital, TX
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How Does Your Business Conduct Defense During an Attack?

Cyber Attack Mitigation Services Prepares Your Business.

IT Security Incident Response Plan

Our cyber security consultants will help you create an IT incident response plan. This plan provides detail instructions on what to do in the event of a malware attack, ransomware outbreak, denial of service attack or other cyber attack. The benefits of an incident response plan include:

– Preparing IT staff in event of incident
– Reducing time in identifying a cyber attack
– Faster response time
– Reducing time in containing attack and limiting damage
– Speeding recovery time
– Reducing liklihood of same incident occurring again

Digital Forensics Readiness Plan

Digital forensics is needed when a business or organization faces compromised confidential data, often associated with (but not limited to) cyber attacks on banks, financial institutions, payment processors, hospitals, and law firms. A digital forensic readiness plan provides the policies, execution mechanisms, and training approach for conducting digital forensics. The plan is beneficial in collecting, authenticating, and preserving evidence and helps organizations in a number of ways:

– Mitigates risk associated with a cyber crime by proactively preparing for it
– Improves collection and use of digital evidence associated with cyber criminal activity
– Supports legal and regulatory compliance
– Reduces cost of digital forensic investigations

Cybersecurity & Risk Mitigation Plan

A cybersecurity and risk mitigation plan is the ultimate way to prepare for and mitigate cybersecurity attacks. Our cybersecurity mitigation services team conducts a full audit to baseline existing cyber-security related activities and controls across your IT systems & infrastructure, sets cybersecurity goals, and develops a comprehensive mitigation plan. The plan is beneficial in several ways;

– Improves security of financial, medical or other confidential information
– Ensures compliance
– Reduces insurance costs
– Secures and strengthens IT infrastructure

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