Cyber Attack Prevention Services

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MonsterCloud’s CyberSecurity Group CEO is featured on CBS discussing how to stay safe from cyber attacks.

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Are Your Cyber Attack Defenses Ready?

Our Cyber Attack Prevention Services Harden Your IT from Attacks.

IT Security & Monitoring

IT Security and monitoring is the bedrock for protecting your business against IT security threats. Our cybersecurity prevention services ensures your firewalls are hardened, anti-virus protection is in place, emails services are secure, and computer & data centers are properly protected. IT monitoring keeps a close eye on system performance, security threats and risky employee behavior.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data is a critical component to hardening your defenses against cyber-security attacks. A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is the plan and steps a company takes when disaster strikes and destroys companies assets. MonsterCloud’s CyberSecurity Group provides a host of services to ensure your backup and disaster recovery plan are ready when disaster does strike.

Cybersecurity Policy Development

As cyber attacks from malware and ransomware continue to soar, it is important to have cybersecurity policies, like password requirements, in place to help prevent attacks, Our experts can help you define these based on best practices. Typical policies created include:

– Application Enablement Policies
– User Control Policies
– Network Controls Policies
– Endpoint Control Policies

Penetration Testing

Use our cybersecurity experts to find vulnerabilities in your network and computer security before the cyber criminals do. Our pen testing services cover the full range of testing types. These include social engineering caused from human manipulation, application security testing to expose system security vulnerability, and physical pen testing to protect sensitive data across network devices and access points.

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