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Learn how MonsterCloud cyber security experts can help find vulnerabilities in your network and computer security.

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Advanced Penetration Testing Services.

Find Network & Computer Vulnerabilities Before Your IT is Exploited.

Small business are frequently the target of social engineering attacks, like baiting, phishing, and scareware. Doctors, pharmacies, local distributors, insurance companies, etc. do not have the IT resources of larger, enterprise-sized companies. This can makes these smaller businesses an easier target, especially for experienced hackers.

Most small businesses either don’t have awareness to the threat, or don’t have the IT resources to prevent attacks before they happen. Fortunately, MonsterCloud makes penetration testing for companies possible with comprehensive services at small business prices. .

Experienced Security Experts

Our security experts find, exploit and build preventative pen testing solutions to minimize your risk to data, humans, and/or physical security. They have years of experience and our cyber security thought leaders, frequently providing expert insights on NBC, CBS, and other news services.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Our pen testing services cover the full range of testing types. These include social engineering caused from human manipulation, application security testing to expose system security vulnerability, and physical pen testing to protect sensitive data across network devices and access points.

Get Tested Quickly with Proven Best Practices

Many companies requiring a pen test need it yesterday. To get a solution in place quickly, we have created pen testing best practice templates from years of experience.

Employee Training

Our services provide comprehensive employee training as small businesses are often targeted through social engineering.

Quick Response to Companies in Need

Many businesses need pen testing to meet PCI compliance requirements or to meet other contractual requirements to earn more business. We’re ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Priced for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Get enterprise-grade pen testing services at prices you small or growing business can afford. We provide competitive pricing based on your needs.

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