Complimentary Ransomware Removal & File Recovery for Law Enforcement Agencies*

MonsterCloud’s Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program restores files, computers and servers to pre-attack status

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Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, MS
Trumann, AR - Police Department
Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, TX
Police Department - Mexico Beach, FL
Is ransomware holding you hostage? MonsterCloud’s CyberSecurity Group can help.

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Is Your Law Enforcement Agency Being Held for Ransom by a Cyberterrorist?

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“The MonsterCloud Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program for law enforcement is our way of giving back to the community.”

— Zohar Pinhasi, CEO, MonsterCloud

The MonsterCloud Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program is available to any qualified police or sheriff department that is a victim of cyberterrorism

Recently, Pinhasi and his team at MonsterCloud Cybersecurity have successfully disarmed ransomware and recovered essential computer systems for several sheriff’s departments. In all cases, the ransomware had effectively disabled all computer systems: email, servers, websites, and files that held critical information.

“The ransomware attack locked us out of more than 20 years’ worth of data, including incident reports, jail files, and current case notes — everything we needed, day-to-day, to take care of the citizens of Lauderdale County — was in jeopardy. MonsterCloud responded quickly and had us back to full operational status within 48 hours.”

— Ward Calhoun, chief deputy of Lauderdale County sheriff’s department in Meridian, Mississippi.

MonsterCloud’s Cyberterrorism Crisis Response program restores files, computers and servers to pre-attack status

MonsterCloud is the industry expert in fighting cyberterrorism and ransomware recovery. With years of front-line experience, MonsterCloud offers a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that provides companies with both the technology and, more importantly, expertise needed to defend themselves from hackers, data breaches, ransomware, and other external threats.

“We’ve got their backs and we’re honored to provide ransomware recovery services for these local heroes.”

— Zohar Pinhasi, CEO, MonsterCloud

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  • File Recovery. Every situation is unique. Our cyber experts are brilliant at restoring your files. Doing it without cybersecurity experts can cause you to lose your files permanently.
  • Don’t Pay the Ransom. Paying criminals a ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back. Paying-up is a risk you don’t want to take. Let our experts handle the situation for you.
  • Trusted Ransomware Removal Experts. We’re arguable the best. Our trusted experts solve issues others cannot and work with business of all sizes – from small business to company’s with hundreds of computers.
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Ransomware Update.

.ETH and Phobos & Wallet Outbreaks Underway.


A new iteration of the Dharma Strain

After successful infiltration, ETH encrypts most stored files and appends filenames with the “.ETH” extension plus the developer’s email address and victim’s ID. For example, “sample.jpg” might be renamed to “[[email protected]].ETH“. Once data is encrypted, ETH generates a text file (“FILES ENCRYPTED.txt“), which is placed on the desktop, and opens a pop-up window.


Dharma Ransomware Strains

Phobos renames all encrypted files by adding the “.phobos” extension plus the victim’s unique ID and an email address. For example, “1.jpg” might be renamed to a filename such as “1.jpg.ID-44447777. [[email protected]] .phobos” or “1.jpg.ID-44447777. [[email protected]] .phobos”. The email presented in the assigned extension varies. The virus encrypts data using AES cryptography and, after encryption, generates an HTML application (“Phobos.hta”) and opens it.

*Complementary Ransomware Recovery Service is reserved for qualified law enforcement agency’s*