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Former deputy director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and former administrator TSA

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Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, MS
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About .bbyy Ransomware Virus

.bbyy was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam. Malware of this type makes files inaccessible to victims by encryption, modifies filenames, and generates ransom messages. .bbyy renames encrypted files by appending the victim’s ID as an extension. For example, it would rename “1.jpg” to “1.jpg.d0ac7d95”, “2.jpg” to “2.jpg.d0ac7d95”, and so on. It drops the “README.[victim’s_ID].TXT” file (the ransom message) in every folder that contains encrypted data.

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No matter the size of your business, we know the ransomware virus has a big impact on your business. We’ve recovered files for virtually every strain businesses are facing:

  • .No_More_Ransom – Shade Ransomware/Rapid Ransomware
  • .bnrs
  • .ROGER – Dharma Ransomware
  • .Ako Ransomware
  • .ETH – Dharma(Crysis) Ransomware
  • .Phobos
  • .Adobe – Crypto Virus, Files locker
  • Darkside Ransomware
  • .eegf
  • .bbyy
  • .bbzz
  • .Crypt
  • .Combo – Dharma
  • .Ryuk and .Ryk – Crypto Virus
  • Hermes – Crypto Virus
  • Arrow – Dharma Ransomware
  • .Locked
  • Dharma BIP – Dharma Ransomware
  • Dharma JAVA – Dharma Ransomware
  • Dharma Arena – Dharma Ransomware
  • Dharma Arrow – Dharma Ransomware
  • Many other ransoware types/strains

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Cybersecurity Expert Explains What You Can Do to Avoid Ransomware.

MosnterCloud’s CyberSecurity Group discusses ransomware with CBS and how to protect yourself.

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It’s pretty obvious when your computer devices are infected with ransomware. You’re likely locked out of your systems and cyber-criminals have requested a ransom from you. In return for control of your files and data, the cyber-criminals are asking for money, often bitcoins, within a few days. And if you don’t pay, the criminals threaten to destroy the data or share it on the Internet. This can be devastating to businesses, like doctors, hospitals, schools, banks, pharmacies, and law firms, who have sensitive client data.

If you are a business and you’ve got ransomware, the best thing you can do is get professionals involved ASAP. Our experts know how to remove .bbyy Ransomware.