Secure Small Business Cloud Computing

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You’ve got a business to run and you’re tired of dealing with your IT issues. Are you frustrated with our current IT? Tired of running out of disc space? Tired of crashing computers? Moving your IT services, like your desktops and critical business applications, to a secure, private cloud, makes life a lot easier. MonsterCloud small business cloud computing allows you to focus on growing your business while we focus on your IT with a 100% customized cloud solution.

Unlimited Cloud Computing Solution

With MonsterCloud, your desktop and business applications are located on the cloud. All your your data, settings and applications are there. You no longer have to worry about losing files. If something happens to your computer, just go to another device and everything is there in the cloud waiting for you. And our solution allow for UNLIMITED NUMBER of APPLICATIONS & SERVERS at one simple per user price.

“Unlimited” Means Unlimited

Our cloud computing services are ALL INCLUSIVE with UNLIMITED RESOURCES. Unlimited upgrades. Unlimited email and Microsoft licensing. Unlimited file storage. And because we provide a cloud file storage solution, you and never have to worry about files getting destroyed or lost. They’re always backed up. And the best part, this is ALL INCLUDED in ONE SIMPLE per USER PRICE.

IT Cloud Services for Small Business.

We Manage Your All Your IT Needs on a Secure, Private Cloud.

MonsterCloud understand that small businesses have unique needs. Our cloud computing solution for small businesses is 100% customized to your specific needs. There’s not a one size fits all IT solution.

Moving your desktop, local servers, and files to the cloud is easy and secure. Our technical experts have been doing this for 15 years. Oh, and did we mention it is free as part of the service!

Our monthly per user pricing makes managing your IT costs so easy. With unlimited IT services, support, and business application fees, to name a few, costs only change when number of users changes. No hidden fees. No up-charges.

Free 2-Month Trial.

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You deserve cloud computing so good, the only complaint at the water cooler is the weather. The day you start using MonsterCloud, you’ll forget about your IT headaches.

Our IT service and free trial includes:

New cloud hosted computers and servers

Free, unlimited upgrades

Free firewall and anti-virus protection

Unlimited cloud data and file storage

New cloud hosted computers and servers

Free, unlimited email and Microsoft licensing

24/7 professional IT support

So much more

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7,000+ Customers. 95% Renewal Rate.

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