Only a Minority of IT Security Executives Can Deter Ransomware Attacks

A recent survey from the software company SolarWinds has furnished a very worrying conclusion regarding the aptitude of IT executive to prevent large-scale ransomware attacks. Among the security experts who took part in the survey, only 30 percent were positive that they can put off a ransomware attack. It’s worth mentioning that senior IT professionals from the US and UK were part of the survey.

Organizations Remain Careless

The survey also points out towards another worrisome prospect regarding digital and network security of organizations. As per the respondents’ replies, nearly one-third of the surveyed organizations are still working without any specialized cyber security department neither do they consult any external security professional. This means they are completely exposed to cyber attacks and it’s just a matter of time before they suffer a hit. 

Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to the situation as well because survey indicates that the awareness regarding ransomware attacks is increasing. Nearly 70 percent of surveyees were completely familiar with the threat of ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya, both of them were the deadliest cyber attacks of the last year.

Another take-away from the survey is that organizations will still have to rely on outsourced services to remove ransomware since majority of their IT workforce is not equipped to prevent these cryptographical attacks.

The survey also tells us that many organizations face budget constraints and that lead to less allocated resources for the network security. VP of security architecture at SolarWinds has some helpful points to share with companies that don’t have enough money to set up an entire department to look over their cyber security.

  • It is important to keep on with the latest software patches. It is an essential security measure against cyber threats including ransomware and doesn’t cost much.
  • Organizations can increase their cyber hygiene without spending a buck by educating their employees regarding several basics of online security.

These two measures can be implemented without exhausting your budget. Otherwise, be prepared to pay a good sum of money to remove ransomware from your devices and network.

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