What Is Qnbqw Ransomware


Security analysts who specialize in ransomware removal have found out a powerful cryptocurrency ransomware named as Qnbqw Ransomware. It follows the modus operandi of traditional ransomware as it blocks access to the computer files with its extension and demands ransom in return of the data. It mainly attacks users with Windows as their operating systems. Moreover, ransomware removal security experts have said that risk associated with this ransomware is too high compared to others.

What is Qnbqw Ransomware

As the cryptocurrency fever has overtaken the entire world with trading and mining, attackers have entered into this space too through various viruses. One of them is Qnbqw Ransomware.

Qnbqw differs from other ransomware through its encryption algorithm AES-256(Advanced Encryption Standard). Once it enters into your machine, it can block access to any file with any format including multimedia files, office documents and IT files like databases.

The infected files are renamed with a .qnbqw extension after which they cannot be opened. The attackers then infiltrate the system with a text document with the name “Notice.txt” which encompasses their motives and ransom related demands.

This document carries information about payment. Since Qnbqw is a cryptocurrency ransomware, thus the payment is mostly in the form of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It also contains the guide for registration of accounts on a crypto exchange through which the attackers can receive payments.

Moreover, an email address [email protected] is also provided to establish communication with the attackers. The amount of ransom is not specified in the file as cybercriminals first analyze the hacked files and then quote an amount with accordance to their importance. After following their demands, user get an encryption key to remove ransomware.

Characteristics of Qnbqw

Once Qnbqw enters into your computer it not only encrypts your file through its extension but also does a greater damage. Firstly, it intercepts the user’s access to system files. It then starts modifying these files as well reconfigure other system settings. Then it will proceed towards undermining the speed of your computer. Finally, it will invalidate Windows Firewall.

Ransomware removal security experts do not advise to pay any ransom to the attackers.

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