233 Victims Paid Ransom to SamSam Ransomware

The recent SamSam Ransomware report by Sophos sheds light on the victims of the ransomware. According to ransomware removal reporters, a minimum of 233 users complied with the demands of the cybercriminal group associated with the ransomware and settled with a ransom demand.

Ransomware removal reporters also noted that 86 of the victims publicly announced their ransom payments. Sophos has gathered data from these users and incorporated it as part of its research on SamSam Ransomware. Sophos also monitored and followed the Bitcoin wallet addresses of the hacked users for the research.

The figures in the report illustrated the fact that that North American and European countries were attacked, with victims from the US, UK, Belgium, and Canada forming almost 90 percent of the total attacks. The report also briefed about the types of companies that paid the ransom. Private sector businesses accounted for half the number of victims that paid the ransom. Worryingly the report stated that 25 percent of the attacks were directed at the healthcare industry, a fact which can be corroborated by the recent attacks in Missouri, Alaska and other American states.

Governmental institutions came at third with 13 percent of the ransomware attacks compromising sensitive data, especially in smaller towns and municipalities. Educational institutions were also affected as 11 percents of such institutions were found to be dealing with ransomware removal and recovery.

The report also claimed that the Sophos team manages to locate the Bitcoin wallet addresses of more than 150 wallets that were receiving the ransom. A certain segment of users was also singled out for not paying the ransom. This segment consisted of 88 users.

Sophos asserted that generally one victim was targeted with the ransom in a day while a quarter of those affected paid money for ransomware removal. The most profitable ransom eked out for the cybercriminals was $64,000.