How Data Management Can Help Deal with a Ransomware Attack

No matter how good the ransomware removal and recovery measures that are employed by the company affected by a cryptovirological infiltration, there is no way to avoid downtime. This is particularly true when important data gets encrypted in the attack with no backup available. This is why backups and data management applications have become an essential toolkit for organizations to deal with ransomware attacks. While ransomware removal measures are getting more streamlined with time, developers are also working on making effective data management applications to neutralize the threat of ransomware and other cyber attacks.

Recently a cloud data management company has developed an application that provides a holistic response plan against any instance of a ransomware attack. The application is called Radar and contains several layers of defense mechanisms against cyber mischief.

Constant Monitoring of the Digital Environment

The application constantly monitors the digital environment of your organization to pick up anomalies. The machine learning ability of this application makes this monitoring more effective. It enables the application to detect the activity of a ransomware variant if it has stumbled upon a strain built on a similar encryption platform earlier.

Quick Analysis of the Threat

As soon as the application detects an anomaly, it is quick to run an analysis of the nature and impact of the possible threat. It will help the businesses to devise the pertinent ransomware recovery and removal measures.

Also Offers Recovery Options

Radar also offers data recovery options that can avert complete business disruption for the affected entities.

As demonstrated, this data management application provides a comprehensive mechanism to deal with malicious cyber infiltrations. With this application and professional ransomware removal measures in place, companies can devise a winning plan against any cyber threat.

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