Security Think Tank: Focus on Malicious Use of AI in 2019

In the end of 2018, Security Think Tank was asked three fundamental questions that will paint a clearer picture of the malware landscape of 2019. What was the one thing that was predicted for 2018 but didn’t happen? What was the one thing that wasn’t predicted but did happen? And what the one thing that should happen in 2019, but probably will not?

Predicted, but Didn’t Happen

As ransomware removal problems had surfaced in 2017, it had been predicted that there will be an explosion of ransomware in 2018. Well, ransomware removal remained a huge problem in 2018, and even small to medium sized businesses struggled a lot. Even though this was the case, researches signified that 2017 saw 62% respondents experiencing attacks in 2017 and 45% respondents experiencing one in 2018.

Hardly an explosion, is it? These stats were so because of the fact that 73% of these people had ransomware removal strategies in place in 2018 – as opposed to a smaller 53% in 2017.

Happened, but Wasn’t Predicted

Even though the explosion of ransomware was predicted, another form of malware had been seen taking the throne for causing chaos – crypto mining.

Predicted, but Probably Won’t in 2019

Many experts in the field of AI had thought about the possible dangers of technology in terms of malware. This is because, given the speed at how this technology is progressing, Security Think Tank believes that this threat is not going to be a problem in 2019.

Don’t get us wrong though – it will happen. It won’t be possible anytime soon, but once it does become a reality, corporations should be geared enough to handle a whole new level of ruckus!

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