233 Victims Paid Ransom to SamSam Ransomware

samsam ransomware
The recent SamSam Ransomware report by Sophos sheds light on the victims of the ransomware. According to ransomware removal reporters, a minimum of 233 users complied with the demands of…

Boris HT Ransomware

boris ht ransomware
Ransomware removal analysts have discovered a variant of the HiddenTear Ransomware (Boris HT). HiddenTear was a ransomware that exploited the code of a cybersecurity educational tool. Ransomware removal analysts have…

Zero-Day Attacks in Ransomware Industry

Due to the increasingly high demand for software applications, solutions, and products, many IT teams are forced to release applications in a short period of time. With deadlines approaching, many…

Report on the Wasaga Beach Ransomware Attack

wasaga beach
Ransomware removal experts found a report on the early 2018 ransomware attack on Canadian town Wasaga Beach that released on July 26, 2018. According to ransomware removal experts, the report…

Fairbanks Views on the Golden Heart Attack

Ransomware removal reporters were able to gain insights from Fairbanks North Star Borough on the recent ransomware attack on one of their partner companies, Golden Heart Administrative Professionals (GHAP). The…

Ransomware Attack in Long Beach

long beach
Ransomware attacks have been occurring in various spaces as evident from ransomware removal experts finding them operating in a number of industries. Recently, the target was the supply chain industry…

Ransom-miner: The Multi-Purpose Cyberthreat

As incidences of ransomware and cryptocurrency mining threat i.e. cryptojacking continue to increase in 2018, a cybercriminal group has managed to combine them to extort maximum money from enterprises. Recently,…